Cost Reduction

Despite the high level of technology work, the risks that accompany such projects and the level of expertise and development tools required, our SSE Team members are regarded by their customers as reasonable with the respect to price. All being small businesses, our pricing is matched closely to the task in hand and we do not have the pressures of many larger business to include the costs of large numbers of non-direct staff. Our teams bid the people required or requested to support the tasking and relatively little more. This allows our team to keep our pricing lower compared to most of the larger companies performing the same tasking. By performing our tasking on time, within budget, and delivering the service or product right the first time, we eliminate many of the “re-work” costs that accompany many programs.

Despite the “built-in” cost savings that our team offers (compared to similar task costs performed by larger companies), our SSE Team is committed to find additional ways to lower our pricing over the life of the contract without affecting our high quality performance or products.

Each member of the SSE Team signed a teaming agreement that agreed to a set-fee (i.e., will not very from team-member to team-member) for profit and for escalation. This allows our customers to fully understand the cost savings associated with using our team (no mater which team member they need to reach). Our team is willing to put a focus on ways to improve our processes and the high quality of our offerings and ways to continually reduce costs while maintaining that same high quality.