Customer Satisfaction

Our approach to guarantee responsiveness to and cooperation with customers involves several components:

  • Task order proposal templates will be generated and available to all team members for each type of possible task order. This will facilitate faster and more accurate team responses to SeaPort Enhanced RFQs/RFPs.
  • Continuous channels of communication with the various customers (technical, contracts, team mates). This will be accomplished through regular meetings, drop-by visits, phone calls, and emails.
  • Establishing POA&Ms for each task. This synchronizes expectations on deliverables and schedule between the customer and the SSE task team.
  • Management oversight during execution of task orders and management visits with customers to assess level of customer satisfaction or to identify issues.

Our approach in problem resolution maps with our approach in managing responsiveness and customer satisfaction. The best method to reduce problems in the first place is a well conceived and agreed upon plan and frequent communication with task order stakeholders. The POA&M will minimize problems due to unmatched expectations and the frequent communication will hopefully catch smaller problems before they become large issues. Once a problem is detected, direct communication between the task order manager and the government POC will happen immediately. A standard overall process will be available on the SSE Team website which can be tailored by the customer and task order manager to meet their needs and resolution approach expectations.

The largest incentive that SimVentions is offering our subcontractor team mates is the promise that as subcontracting revenue increases, our pass-through decreases thereby providing a more attractive cost solution to their customers. More subcontracting revenue will be achieved as the team performs well and the customers choose to send their tasking and funding to our team. We are all equally incentivized to continue our existing tradition of providing high quality products and services, within budget and on-time. Combine this level of performance with an attractive price and a real focus on customer and employee satisfaction, our team will be very successful.