Quality Assurance

There are several methods a company can use to increase the likelihood of producing high quality products or services. The most important impact on quality is the person working on the project and their commitment and desire to deliver high quality products or services. The next strongest factor is the environment in which that person works. The organization, management, tools, and co-workers all play a role in determining the quality. Even though the SSE Team is made up of small businesses, many of our team mates are very familiar in establishing, promoting, and maintaining a high quality, process-oriented work environment. Our team will work to establish a series of policies and procedures that our customers and task teams will select from to appropriately adapt the right set of quality standards and processes. Setting the quality expectations, policies, standards, and procedures will be part of the task order initiation process before the work even begins. Lessons learned and future improvements will be discussed on a monthly and quarterly basis within the ongoing team and customer management meetings.

Templates will be developed for all repetitive forms of documentation (including various types of reports, proposals, budgets, etc.). These templates will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate customers and task order managers. The templates will be available to all team members through the SSE Team website. Utilization of templates that are properly reviewed and approved will minimize errors and improve the consistency of our documentation.

Processes and tools that assist teams in establishing, monitoring, and improving quality will be evaluated and experiences shared. An emphasis on metric collection and metric reports will be promoted in all plans and processes so that real measurement and assessments can be made.

In addition, each team member signed an agreement that stated their commitment to provide their best effort to continually look for ways to improve the quality of our team’s performance and products and will continually evaluate the adoption of “Best Practices” used by our customers, team members, or other organizations. This commitment includes active participation in the monthly SimVentions Team coordination meetings which will include a regular focus on quality improvement initiatives for the team or individual team members.